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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I come to collect cocktails?
Cocktails can be collected Monday to Saturday 12pm-6pm.

Where do I go to collect the cocktails?
Your cocktails will be available to pick-up from the front door of Orchid Cocktails.

Can I arrange a time to collect?
You can arrange to collect your cocktails between the designated times. Specific times can be arranged in the collection details section at the checkout.


Weekend Delivery

When will my cocktails be delivered?
Cocktails will be delivered between 5pm-8pm Thursday to Saturday.

Can I arrange a specific delivery date?
You can not specify a delivery date, however if you order Monday to Thursday (before 4:30pm) you will receive your cocktails on the Thursday.

If ordered after Thursday 4:30pm up to Friday 4:30pm you will receive the cocktails on Friday.

If ordered after Friday 4:30pm up to Saturday 4:30pm you will receive your cocktails on Saturday.

What if I miss my delivery?
If you happen not to be in and miss your delivery your cocktails will be available for collection till 8pm the same day or between the designated collection times the following day.

Re-delivery can be arranged for the next day if missed on the Thursday or Friday. This will be dispatched during the regular delivery times of 5pm-8pm.

Where do you deliver to?
We currently deliver within a 10 mile radius of the bar.  If any queries on if you are in the zone, there is a map on the website.



When can I order cocktails for delivery by post?
Postal deliveries are available to order from Monday to Saturday.

When will I expect my delivery?
1 to 3 working days from time of postage. Orders placed after 2pm will be posted the following day. If ordered over the weekend we will post on the Monday.

Where do you deliver to?
We currently deliver nationally around the UK.


Cocktail Lifespan

If I buy cocktails to be delivered on Thursday will they keep the weekend?
Yes, due to the perishable nature of the cocktails however we advise that these cocktails are consumed with in three days.

How long do the cocktails last?
Due to the perishable nature of the cocktails however we advise that these cocktails are consumed with in three days.

How do I know what ingredients are in the cocktails?
Each cocktail is accompanied with a brief description on the website as well as contained on all cocktail labels.


Recycling of Packaging

Are the cocktail packages recyclable?
All of the cocktail packaging is recyclable. These include the vacuum packed bags and stickers as well as all bottles.



Can I just buy the Porn Star mix?
Unfortunately the Porn Star mix is unavailable to buy separately.  The Porn Star party mix includes the bottle of prosecco.

Number of serves?
All bottles have a suggested number of serves.  These are for the amount in which we advise creates best tasting drink. However, these are just guidelines and can be poured different for acquired taste.